"Bacon’s mirrors can be anything you like - except a reflecting surface."
Portrait of George Dyer in a Mirror, 1968

"Bacon’s mirrors can be anything you like - except a reflecting surface."

Portrait of George Dyer in a Mirror, 1968

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Cecil Beaton photographs Stein and Toklas, Stein and Stein.

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Sleep is impossible, so I have got up with the purpose of writing a thousand words, order and meaning unimportant, in order to demonstrate how easy it is. A thousand words is not a lot of words, I probably have more than that run through my head every hour, but they remain unexpressed, unheard, many of them unheard even by me. I am writing this in a piece of software that gives me a running update of how many words I have written (currently: one hundred and eleven) so I know when I have reached the target and can then stop at once, for although I cannot sleep at present, I do not mean to go without sleep forever. I’ve been troubled lately by the problem of form and function, the way the two ought to be married, indistinguishable, yet so rarely are. A thing ought not to just express what it is for, but be that thing - does this make sense? - such as sleep not only serves to give us rest, but is also restful, unmoving, untroubled, peaceful - does this make sense, I repeat once more, does it make sense? I fear it does not. I saw a book not long ago entitled 150 Facts You Should Know About Harry Styles! (The exclamation mark was part of the title.) It contained 125 facts about Harry Styles. That was a failure to marry form with function, or was it only a failure to accurately label? It can be hard to know. The trouble is that when i think about this, the problem seems to become meaningless, because form defines function. It’s no good saying that this item, though meant to serve as a spoon, completely fails to match this function with its form, because rather than a shallow bowl on the end of a handle it consists of a handle, no problem there, the handle is fine, but this handle has on the end of it four prongs, how am I meant to eat my soup with that, it’s nothing like a spoon, if anything it’s more like a fork, wait, it is a fork, that’s it, it’s a fork, somebody put it in the wrong part of the cutlery drawer. No point complaining, either, that this piece of writing fails to live up to its professed aim of - what was it again? - demonstrating how easy it is to write a thousand words, when it seems only to make clear through its repetitions, redundancies and circumlocutions, how very difficult that task is, for then, well, that becomes the function of the writing, to demonstrate the difficulty of writing a thousand words, especially at half past one in the morning in a sleep deprived state which somehow refuses to resolve itself into a sleeping state. Are you familiar with the work of Witold Gombrowicz? Nor me. I didn’t read any of the Facts about Harry Styles, by the way, even though I was assured that I Needed To Know them. I choose to trust my own judgement. It’s like people saying that the French horn looks as it sounds, round and complicated, while the oboe, that is thin and reedy, it’s even got a reed, and the flute, that looks like it sounds also because when you hear the flute you can picture the flute, since you know it is a flute you are hearing and you know what a flute looks like, it is all part of God’s wonderful creation, all part of his marvelous design, don’t you agree? And I say to them, to those people who say this, perhaps. But can you explain, I say, the duck-billed platypus, or the armadillo? Can you explain the ant. Why has it not wheels? And why has God, in his infinite wisdom, not furnished the double bass with its own drinks holder? They have no answer, you see. 10 Facts You Need To Know About God. 1) God’s original name was Haluch; he adopted his more familiar name when converting to Islam. 2) God’s favourite kind of pasta is rigatoni. 3) God enjoys the music of Enya. The wallpaper matches the carpet, that’s what people say, isn’t it. They mean, usually, that the two have a complimentary shade, and I do not use complimentary here in the technical sense, I do not refer to rooms in which the carpet is green and the wallpaper red, can you imagine such a thing, the livid pallor it would cast on everyone’s face? I use the word in a more casual sense, as in the way strawberries are said to compliment cream, or rather cream strawberries, for nobody fills their bowl with cream then wonders what they could have with it.I wonder what I am doing here. The map clearly states that I am here but fails to explain why. Yet this is not a failure of form or function, for it is not the job of a map to provide motives. Another book in the series was 101 Facts About Zayn Malik - I am writing this from memory, I may have the details mixed up - which told us that Zayn Malik (I am not sure who he is) plays the triangle and believes he cannot live without chicken. The book had been reviewed by several users on Amazon, none of them, I am sorry to say, working in a particularly academic millieu. Their reviews, I felt, lacked intellectual rigour. Several of them focused on the comeliness of the work’s subject rather than the content. Yet one, I thought, though brief - so brief, indeed, as to almost fall foul of the minimum word limit that Amazon places upon its reviews - ended in a quite beautiful way, and this truly was a marriage for form and content, for after the author had expressed her view that the book was “very good” she concluded with a string of exclamation marks and the wry observation, which nobody could ever hope to deny, “Four more words needed.”

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"I’m not going to ask you for the secret of life, because you haven’t got it and I don’t want it anyway. But I want to say, in my drunken state"

Abandoned message, never sent

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I don’t drink often these days, but when I do drink, I drink to excess. Similarly, I rarely go to the gym - perhaps only once a month - but when I do go, I spend the entire day there and do everything. First I swim a little to warm up, then I lift some weights, then I swing the kettlebells around, then I go on the trampoline with the kettlebells, and bounce the kettlebells off the trampoline and catch them going down as I go up, then I go on the step machine, then I do handstands on the step machine, then I wrap the cords of the weight machine around my neck and exercise my upper body, then I go in the sauna and sweat out most of mass, then I rehydrate with every kind of smoothie, every kind of protein shake, and after all this, since it follows a morning of drinking to excess, I inevitably go to the hospital (I don’t go to the hospital often, but when I do go, I get everything checked out, my joints, my back, my lungs, my brain, my balls - and I don’t get an ultrasound of my genitals often, but when I do I seduce the radiologist).

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"Fourth means that you are almost good. Not the worst (which has its own perverted glamour) but almost."

Images from Tracey Moffat’s Fourth (2000)

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"I do believe that if you watch Dude, Where’s My Car? slowly and repeatedly and while perfectly sober, the mysteries of the universe may be revealed to you."

Judith Halberstam, The Queer Art of Failure

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Perhaps I repeat myself. Then I repeat myself.